Wec design is a company that is introduced in the market to supply all customer requirements in watches manufacture. Our services range from the design proposed by the customer, watches catalogue customizing, product manufacturing or programming for an online store, graphic design services for a new brand logo or custom packaging for the watch are possible.

Basic services

Custom watches

Wec-design is specialized in custom design and manufacture of watches, both economically and High End. We offer a wide range, where you can choose the

Mechanical parts

We design and manufacture any type of complication in watchmaking. Plates and bridges movement of high precision, are made for us. As well we manufact

Manufacturing watches

In Wec-design we have two CNC machines of three and five axis swivel head, made in Switzerland. These CNC machines are capable of working with a large

Design and development

In wec-design, we can make watches according to customer’s design, from a drawing or an idea he suggest us. The client proposes technical feat