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Quality control

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uality control is a process through which companies examine the quality of all factors involved in the production of watch:

The parts constituting the watch and industrial processes for its making are involved in the quality control.

The quality control tests are performed to find possible defects to allow or deny production. Once surpassed the quality control in a process of improvement, the total production number of pieces that need to be done.

 The role of quality control is based on the collection and analysis of data, which are shown to the departments of design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics to correct mistakes and doing the necessary improvements.

Any product that does not meet the minimum specifications for manufacturing will be excluded to avoid the added costs and material costs.

The steps used in the quality control of watches would be,

-Improvements in function and features of the individual parts of the watch.

-To direct the individual project in the global watch manufacturing project.

-Establish a history of diagnosed cases in all projects, allowing to increase the how -know that benefits future customers.

-Evaluation and testing of the product under all conditions required by the customer. For example, testing diver watches over 1000 meters.

-Control system maintenance improvements.

-Control system maintenance improvements.