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Needs Analysis

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e make needs assessment for all projects we started. The analysis is performed to test the viability of the project and its possible improvement of quality.

The customer always has an idea of what he wants. Sometimes due to ignorance of the possibilities of manufacturing and production, the project does not develop to their full potential.

For the analysis of requirements, we collect all possible information to customers and complete documentation of their requirements. Thus, the product is improved where costs are always kept to a minimum is achieved.

It is a study of the balance of expenses on account of the benefits. As a result, the study of the requirements and needs involves economic viability, technical, legal and functional.

The needs analysis is set in the personal relationship with the client. Sometimes the advice is elementary and does not require data collection and processing in depth. But when the project is enormous and requires it, then this information will be given with all the documentation in a breviary made for that purpose.