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Design and development

In wec-design, we can make watches according to customer’s design, from a drawing or an idea he suggest us.  

The client proposes technical features that the watch will have, such as the sealing, the material of the case, the coating or the type of movement that can be used.

From the files generated by industrial design software, the watch is built to specifications suggested for the client. This is done according to specific business rules for different parts of the watch.

The virtual watch is simulated by software, in order to see its final shape and functionality. This simulation is effective for technical watches with rotating bezel or complications of mechanical movements.

The final drawings are made under standards Swiss watchmaking industry. Furthermore, the virtual watch weight, the hardness of the material and its resistance can be measured.

In each development process, quality control is also included.

Watches renders are included in the final development the watch, what the choice of colours, textures and finishes to other models based on the same platform.

Once all these requirements have been fulfilled, a prototype is done to check whether all the design elements work and its aesthetic shape is desired for the customer. At this stage you can change and improve some aspects of watch before final production.

If the prototype complies with all requirements of manufacturing, then we start the final series production.