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Manufacturing watches

In Wec-design we have two CNC machines of three and five axis swivel head, made in Switzerland. These CNC machines are capable of working with a large number of different materials such as plastics (ABS, polyurethane, polypropylene, PMMA, etc), metal (copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, titanium, etc.). Our professional staff is trained to make a watch crown or any part of micromechanics for a move, according to customer requirements.

We also have scanners for reverse engineering and 3D building files, which improves process quality control of manufactured parts. This process allows checking the final product by comparison with the original files. We also have high power microscopes to check the final termination and the maximum tolerances of 0.004 mils which require the watch industry.

We work with outside companies that help us in innovative industrial processes such as metal laser sintering (DMLS), which is an additive manufacturing technology metal. We also use a process called UV-LIGA is a versatile technique that allows the fabrication of metal parts. Is done by the combination of a photolithographic process a polymer and a metal electroforming inside the cavities etched in the polymer.