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Custom watches

Wec-design is specialized in custom design and manufacture of watches, both economically and High End. We offer a wide range, where you can choose the model that you prefer.

In the most economical choice, watches are manufactured in alloy, mineral crystal and Japanese quartz mechanisms. They can also be placed Swiss quartz movements if required by the customer.

In the midrange, the watches are made of stainless steel, mineral glass or sapphire and Swiss quartz movements or Japanese mechanical.

In the upper middle range, watches have more customization because the customer requires a unique design with Swiss mechanical movements with “Swiss Made”.

The High-End watches are made of materials as diverse as titanium, gold or composites from the aerospace industry. Such watches have incorporated more complex mechanisms such as chronometers. In addition, it may require some type of complication as plates and bridges of movement with a high degree of finish. So, this range is called High End.

The idea is to offer a watch according to the needs of the client, to any company, as Sports Company or an individual who wants to design and manufacture its own brand.