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Made in Spain

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ccording to the 1st Section OSM, a watch is considered Swiss Made if the movement is Swiss that is assembled in Switzerland and the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

A movement is considered Swiss Made if manufactured, assembled and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland. In addition, Swiss Made components add at least 50 percent of the total value, regardless accounts the cost of assembly.

For a watch is called “Made in Spain” must be designed and developed in any part of Spain. The Ministry of Industry requested that each product that is manufactured in Spain, at least meet several requirements. These requirements are the design, development and manufacturing drawings are made by a company based in Spain. 

We can assemble the watches manufactured by our company in Switzerland. Thus, the customer may request the Swiss made for each order.

We can offer the development and design of our watches so much custom as catalog, with two brands “Swiss Made” and “Made in Spain” according to customer preferences. The manufacture of all metal components is made in own factory in Cordoba.