untitled.1274 Casting is called to the process involves a mould with a pattern. This pattern is made of wax, resin, propylene or similar, covered with a paste that hardens to air. This process can be made by different ways as centrifugal, investment casting or sand, depending on how is made the mould or methods additional. Centrifugal casting adds an axis of rotation for the molten metal that is forced into each mould by the centrifugal force. Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. The mould is made with hardened tool, because must to resist the high pressure into it. Investment cast moulds are made with ceramic paste. They are low thickness and allow rapid and complete wax patterns lost This process is still use in watches but especially in noble metals and bronze. I don’t know of some company that works watches with titanium cast alloy. Properties associated with crack propagation and creep resistance are superior to those of wrought products. Eventually, titanium castings can be reliably substituted for forged and machined parts in demanding applications but it is not important for watches. This is due to several unique properties of titanium alloys. One of the a b to b allotropic phase transformations at a temperature range of 705°C to 1040°C (1300°F -1900°F), which is well below the solidification temperature of the alloys. As a result, the cast dendritic b structure is eliminated during the solid state cooling phase transformation, leading to a a b platelet structure, which is also typical of b processes wrought alloy. In addition, the convenient allotropic transformation temperature range of most titanium alloys enables the as-cast microstructure to be improved by means of post cast cooling rate and subsequent heat treatment. For a design company, the capacity to make each shape we can imagine it is very important. To work with titanium wrought is expensive and slow because the software used for mechanized is very complex for an use fast. The market needs that the design product comes up as soon as possible. Titanium cast alloys could solve this problem]]>